Server & Data Centre Relocation

Server & Data Centre Relocation

Server & Data Centre Relocation

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Server & Data Centre Relocation

Relocating your servers from one site to another is a complex process. Due to the business critical nature of such a project, you need to be certain that all the technical and logistical aspects have been fully considered to keep downtime to an absolute minimum.

With our unique combination of technical and logistical capabilities, we can create a detailed relocation schedule that identifies system interdependencies. This allows us to evaluate potential risks and plan for contingencies.

To deal with the complexities of server relocation, decommissioning and recommissioning and the business-critical nature of such a project, we will undertake a full scoping exercise before your relocation goes ahead. The information we obtain will be used to generate your unique relocation plan and will be included in every aspect of reporting and methodology.

Harrow Green - Server & Data Centre Relocation

Wrap design and reconfiguration service

Many customers take up our offer of a wrap design and a reconfiguration service, enabling them to wheedle out any anomalies or gremlins in their existing system. Server relocation also provides an opportunity to bring your server equipment and storage arrays up to date, with the most recent specifications to help cope with any expansion needs. We can take care of the installation and connectivity of your new equipment.

Specialist packing and handling

Our engineers label all the connectivity and power feeds and remove all the cabling. Servers are removed from the racks and placed in our specially built server cases. Rails and cable management arms are labelled, removed and packed alongside the equipment. Server cases are loaded and secured into our specialist air-ride vehicles. Our vehicles are installed with tracker systems, ensuring that your equipment is continually monitored in real time throughout transit. You have the peace of mind of knowing that your items are being kept safe and secure throughout your move.

Once delivery is complete, your server equipment is reassembled to its agreed specification and thoroughly tested before being handed over to you for final assessment.