how to project manage an office move

project managing an office move

Corporate Move Management Services

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How to project manage an office move

If you're planning a major relocation then you will considering how to manage an office move? Our project management team can help. They can save you time, reduce your costs and make sure your move goes smoothly.

Managing the numerous stages of your business move project often requires several contractual relationships to be formed. The demands these relationships place on your time can result in a severe strain on your internal resources.

Using our business relocation management resources and expertise we will work with you to provide an integrated service programme for your relocation project which allows us to take care of everything while you remain focused on your core business.

Office move project management

Project managing an office move is 2nd nature to our dedicated move managers, hand-picked to suit your specific relocation needs. Your manager will discuss the full scope of your project and then provide a range of flexible options from planning to implementation.

project managing an office move

project and move management

Our corporate move management services include:

  • Organising IT, furniture and file audits
  • Liaising with other key suppliers involved in the project delivery
  • Keeping all staff and stakeholders regularly informed
  • Risk management
  • Contingency planning
  • Project plans

Our aim is to reduce your overall project costs, shorten your supply chain where appropriate and ultimately minimise your management costs.

We will provide you with a detailed business relocation management programme which gives you the reassurance of clear pricing and rigorous budget control.

Our fully integrated project management team remain flexible throughout, making sure you receive true value for your money and a seamless move.