Office Furniture Reuse, Charity

Office Furniture Reuse, Charity

Office Furniture Reuse & Refurbishment

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Unwanted Office Furniture Solutions

If you have No Longer Needed office furniture and equipment, we commit to taking those items and dealing with them for you.

How do we recycle?

We'll survey* all your No Longer Needed equipment and recommend a course of action based on the quality of your items. Initially we will find and engage with charities and good causes or re-sell your items through our network of traders. What's left will be processed at our accredited recycling centre where every item will be separated into its constituent parts for re-use as raw material.

*Please note that if you're not an existing customer there will be a cost associated with collecting your old items.

Alternatively, office furniture that you don’t need, doesn’t have to reach the end of its life. At a fraction of the cost of buying new, we can take your furniture away and recondition it so that it is restored to a-good-as -new state. Through our selection of associates we can process your items so that they are re-upholstered where necessary, repaired if damaged and recut or redesigned where possible so that it is given a new lease of life. You can choose to keep these items if desired, or you might decide to sell them or donate them. We can even supply you with a brand new range.  The choice is all yours. 

Visit our donations page to find out how your items can benefit the charity sector. 

Contact us today to discuss your needs and options.