NHS Shared Business Services Framework

NHS Shared Business Services Framework

NHS Shared Business
Services Framework

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NHS Shared Business Services Framework Removal Services

Restore Harrow Green has signed a four year framework contract with the NHS Shared Business Services for removal and other services. This is designed to save users time and money and provide the best relocation service possible.

Our appointment follows a competitive tender process which entailed a detailed analysis of our services based on quality and price. We are ranked first in seven of the twelve NHS regions and second in the remaining five NHS regions. This means every participating authority can benefit from our experience, knowledge and insights for their next relocation no matter how big or small.

The service is not limited to removals and includes the provision of storage and disposal of scrap items and/or equipment.

NHS Shared Services

NHS Shared Services

Other services include:

  • Delivery and collection of packing crates
  • Provision of packing materials and destination labels
  • Data logging
  • Environmental services (furniture, IT and printer cartridge recycling)
  • Project management
  • Emergency relocations
  • Furniture dismantling and reassembly
  • Porterage
  • Specialist equipment moves
  • Packing and unpacking services

Key Information

Accessing the framework

Click here to download a copy of the framework overview document

For more information:
Email: nhssbs@harrowgreen.com.

Contract reference number:

Agreement Period:
15/08/17 to 14/08/21

Official Journal of the European Union
reference: 2017/S 052-097054

Geographic Coverage:

Contact Us

Email: NHSSBS@harrowgreen.com

Save at least 12% on your relocation costs by using this framework rather than going directly to the market

NHS Shared ServicesWhy choose Restore Harrow Green?

  • Access to a framework service provider which is highly recognised for their service quality.
  • Every NHS region covered
  • Social Value benefits through recycling, reuse or donation of legacy furniture
  • Improved environmental impact through ethical and fully audited recycling and disposal.
  • Secure disposal of confidential data and IT equipment by the access to ISO27001 accredited provider.
  • Access to professional project management service.
  • Access to flexible service, planned and unplanned, allowing customers to change the requirement at short notice.

What are the benefits of the framework?

  • OJEU compliant - No formal tendering is required, saving you valuable time and money in the procurement process
  • Agile Framework – We are able to bring forward new products and services throughout the life of the agreement
  • Competitive Pricing - Capped ceiling prices will support budgeting and calculation of benefits for Participating Authorities
  • Robust Framework - A specification which has been reviewed and approved by a specialist stakeholder group as well as suitable testing of the market to show that we comply with latest guidance and regulations
  • Dedicated Contract Manager- Access to a single point of contact at Restore Harrow Green for easier contract management

How can my organisation use it?

  • Direct Award – The agreement gives freedom and flexibility for all Participating Authorities to choose us within the remit of the Agreement
  • One Stop Shop - The framework offers a one-stop shop solution for all removal services whereby trusts can directly call off from the Agreement.
  • Mini Competition - Opportunity to run a Mini Competition off the back of the Framework Agreement, in order to meet any bespoke requirements you might have.