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Fogging Decontamination Services

Our advanced fogging and decontamination service is classed as Log 6, which means it is designed to kill 99.999% of bacteria, viruses and mould spores so that you can return to your space feeling reassured that any harmful pathogens, including the novel coronavirus, Covid 19, have been eliminated from your environment. 

The system uses a cutting edge electrostatic device which sprays a hydrogen peroxide and silver ion solution designed to sanitise all your work areas, surfaces and workstations, while remaining free of toxic chemicals, making it safe for people and 100% environmentally friendly as the H202 naturally breaks down into water and oxygen. The solution is natural and non-corrosive, making it ideal for use on all types of electronic equipment. 

Non-Toxic Sanitation for your Workplace

The system uses a patented spray disinfectant system that adds an electrostatic negative charge to the disinfecting solution as it is is applied, enabling it to cling to all surfaces and kill all harmful pathogens on contact. By using a heated turbine it produces a dry, hydrogen peroxide vapour, which makes it ideal for use in enclosed or open spaces with the presence of active electrical, electronic or medical devices. 

The disinfection process takes around 10 minutes in an average sized room and is more effective than traditional deep cleaning methods, which kill approximately 50% of pathogens. Hydrogen peroxide treatment applied in this method is known to be a highly effective way of dealing with bacterial and viral contamination. The addition of the silver ions further enhances the effectiveness of  the solution, making it a highly successful method of decontaminating an area and all its equipment. 

fogging and decontamination for your Workplace

The science behind our fogging and decontamination service

The solution  works by attacking the targeted pathogen’s cell membrane, causing it to weaken in order to allow allows the silver ions to enter. 

Together, the silver ions and hydrogen peroxide destroy the micro-organism by:

  • Attacking and disrupting the cell membrane.
  • Binding to the enzymes and causing denaturation.
  • Binding to the DNA to stop replication.

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