Construction Sector

Construction Sector

Working with the Construction Industry

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Construction sector

We work hand in hand with the construction sector, providing our services as part of the wider project by managing space layout, providing storage (if needed), furniture install, relocation and building clearance.

Our health and safety and quality record is proof of our expert methodologies and the care we take in all aspects of our work, particularly in demanding construction environments. We have extensive experience in collaborating with main contractors to manage and deliver large scale projects, such as new schools and hospitals.

Though we frequently operate within publicly accessible environments we take great care to ensure that business operates as usual, downtime is limited and public safety is never compromised. Customer satisfaction is our foremost concern and we go to great lengths to see that all our customers’ needs and concerns are anticipated and met.

Construction Sector

Our UK wide network of offices means that we can provide the right level of support no matter the size of the project. We work within the private and public sectors to timescales designed to suit you.

We reuse, recycle or sustainably dispose of any legacy items ensuring to always remain within our zero to landfill policy.

Our years of expertise, market leading position, flexible approach and professionalism make us the perfect partner for your construction project.