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Asset Management

Asset Management

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Asset Management

Whether you are moving premises, undergoing an internal move or just want to gain a better understanding of your IT assets, our IT audit and asset management tracking service provides a flexible, simple, adaptable and efficient solution to suit your needs.

Integrated asset management tool

We have developed a tailored product specifically for desktop and servers prior to, during and after a major relocation. It utilises your existing PC software, allowing for simple training and use without the need for costly licensing and installation. Our flexible module will be created to your exact specification, making your database completely unique to meet your own business needs.

Our experience of IT and office environments gives us the expertise to undertake your audit. We use mini touch-screen laptops with on-board barcode scanners to ensure efficiency and accuracy of all data collected. If needed, our audit activity can take place outside of office hours to minimise disruption to your working day.

Harrow Green - Asset Management

Managing your assets

Your bespoke database will store all your data by user and is not limited to IT hardware. Limitless customisation means you can include any data you wish, including specific users, data port details, network printers, faxes, photocopiers etc. Every item will be tagged enabling full tracking of equipment from one location to another. An image of the desk location can also be included electronically, making it easy for you to identify the look, feel and detail of each work station. This feature is particularly useful in multi-screen/PC situations such as trading floor environments.

Track your assets on the move

Auditing everything you have will allow for a more informed relocation. You will know exactly what you have, what you need to move and what you need to replace, because our system also captures the condition of each item. Some of our clients have used our asset inventory to audit, track and relocate such things as antiques, memorabilia and other items of furniture.

Your unique catalogue and database will prove invaluable to you during relocation planning, and will also allow finance teams to plan depreciation and upgrade budgets.